How We Help Source Bespoke Financial Data

If you are looking for new, hard-to-find data, niche or bespoke financial data, or to compare providers, we can help.

EOSE are experienced in bringing data producers to market. By working with EOSE, you can find, collect and use bespoke financial data delivered under direct agreement with the data producer, with terms and technical delivery that reflects your use requirements. EOSE work with vendors, third-party data suppliers and end-user organisations to help them to source data.

We work with you to find the best provider of the data you require and work with the data producer to ensure that they are ready to provide reliable, robust data you can rely on. By using EOSE to work with the data producers, you can access data that would otherwise be unavailable or unsuitable for your purpose.

For more information see: Bespoke data sourcing



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