CIMD – Overview

The CIMD Group is the main independent brokerage consultancy, securitisation and asset management group in the financial markets and the energy sector in Southern Europe. CIMD information services; a brand of CIMD Group, is a provider of an independent over the counter (OTC) pricing for specialised financial instruments such as Spanish and European Government bonds, Repurchase Agreements, Spanish, Italian, German, French Gas & Power, Deposits and FX Forwards, and other asset classes. Drawing on the unrivalled position on the Spanish market, the pricing is highly dependable and clients relay on the information to:

  • make trading decisions
  • run portfolio analysis
  • valuations
  • create benchmarks
  • risk management
  • reconciliations


EOSE have worked with CIMD on a full service solution to build out their data and information services business and are providing on hand help to give CIMD additional resources to take their data to a wider market.