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BMLL selects EOSE to bolster distribution of their derived data product

Collaboration makes BMLL Derived Data offering available to wider market audience

London, 2 April 2020: EOSE, provider of outsourced market data solutions, today announced that the firm has entered into an agreement with BMLL Technologies, the data engineering and analytics firm, to support the distribution of BMLL’s Derived Data offering to new customers and the industry at large.

EOSE provides a flexible, modern approach to commoditising data assets. EOSE’s data product development and sales experts help firms reduce their time to market while allowing them to focus on their core business.

Under the terms of the agreement, EOSE acts as an outsourced sales resource to support BMLL’s market outreach to banks, buyside and sellside firms, and the hedge fund community globally.

Paul Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer of BMLL Technologies, said: “In recent months we have witnessed unprecedented spikes in volatility and trading volumes; consequently we have seen a 2.5-3x increase in the quantum of data produced by trading venues. It is now more important than ever for trading participants to have a clear view of what is actually happening in the markets and extract the maximum value from the data they consume, in order to make well-informed decisions”.

Paul Humphrey added: “Working with EOSE will complement our efforts to reach a much wider segment of the industry and ensure that our data and analytics tools are made available to market participants as we navigate these increasingly volatile times.”

BMLL’s Derived Data Service gives market participants access to bespoke metrics derived from the most granular Level 3 order book data directly into their trading systems, both at speed and at scale. This enables firms to apply complex statistical techniques to niche big-data sets and perform machine learning on L3 order book data with applications such as market impact, pre & post trade analytics, order book simulation and compliance.

Suzanne Lock, the founder of EOSE, says, “We are delighted to be collaborating with BMLL Technologies and support their scale-up ambitions. We provide BMLL with additional resources to bolster their internal sales functions and go-to-market capacity, with the flexibility to expand the team as their needs change. We look forward to working with the BMLL sales team to take their data products to a wider audience”


Press and Media Contacts – EOSE:

Suzanne Lock, CEO, EOSE

Email:; Tel: +44 (0)7773 910611


Media contacts for BMLL Technologies

Sybille Mueller, Director, Streets Consulting

Email:; Tel: 020 7959 2235

About BMLL Technologies

About BMLL Technologies BMLL Technologies is a financial data engineering and data analytics company serving the world’s most sophisticated market participants. BMLL specialises in providing clients access to granular order book data and advanced analytical power at unparalleled speed and scale. Born out of the machine learning labs in the Engineering Department at Cambridge University, the platform allows financial services firms to apply complex statistical techniques to niche big-data sets and perform machine learning on Level 3 order book data with applications such as market impact, pre & post trade analytics, order book simulation and compliance. The offering means clients no longer need to buy and curate the data from global exchanges, instead are offered cost effective access to the full order book with a long history for back-testing. For more information, please visit our website, or visit our Twitter @bmlltech.

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EOSE recognised by TradingTech for innovation with award win

EOSE is thrilled to have won the TradingTech Insight Award 2020 Editor’s Choice Award for Innovative Early Stage Business.

Suzanne Lock, CEO said:
“We’d like to thank the judges for recognising the uniqueness and the early success of our model, which offers data producers an outsourced and flexible approach to commoditising data assets.

I’d also like to give very special thanks to our clients who collaborate with us, trusting that their valuable data business is in safe hands, especially as EOSE is a young company with an innovative concept covering data business development, product development and sales.”

EOSE has successfully delivered advisory services to exchanges, clearing houses, and brokers based on data strategy and data business build as well as managing the ongoing sales for a number of clients.

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Rosana Murillo joins EOSE as a business development specialist based in Madrid.

EOSE is delighted to welcome Rosana Murillo as a key member of our European business development and sales team, collaborating with EOSE on behalf of our global clients.

Her vast experience within third party vendors, which includes negotiating contracts, understanding data requirements and usage throughout the data life cycle, brings an exciting additional perspective to the EOSE team.

Suzanne Lock, CEO of EOSE:
“I am thrilled to welcome Rosana to the EOSE team where she’ll be driving the data strategies of our clients throughout Europe. Her expertise in each of the main third-party vendors, and latterly as a data consultant, is of great strategic benefit to our clients.

Rosana is already identifying opportunities for our clients and we look forward to introducing her to all of our partners shortly.”

Rosana said:
“EOSE provides a unique and innovative outsourced market data service. Being able to bring revenue to their global clients, not just from sales, but from using my experience to drive data governance and challenge strategy really is a compelling opportunity.”