EOSE Data Sales provides a flexible, modern approach to commoditising your data assets. Whether you are already a data provider and need an extra pair of hands or are setting up your data business from the start we can help.

Using EOSE data product development and sales experts will reduce your time to market and enhance your data products while allowing you to focus on your core business.

EOSE as an outsourcing sales service provider use our core competencies and vast experience to deliver the best value for money and best route to market for data asset commercialisation. We operate a fee for service model making your data function more agile and efficient.

Our data sales services start with a set up and go option to build your market data business for you and with you. Next, we offer on-hand help for those of you who already have a data business and need an extra pair of hands – perhaps to expand or during a product launch. Finally, we have our full managed service where we take over and run the data business for you – ensuring you get the best results with minimum outlay.

Data commercialisation strategy

• Identify the value point of data • Standardise data assets • Consolidate, package and control
• Governance wrapper around data use • Commercialise – pricing structure and sales

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