BMLL – Overview

BMLL is an award-winning data and analytics company operating at the cutting edge of capital markets. Our mission is to unlock the predictive power of pricing data and offer our clients the insight they need to understand how markets behave and make more informed decisions. A cloud-native managed service with unlimited compute power, we deliver AI/ML driven analytics to our clients’ applications, either for internal use or to enhance their client-facing products. We solve our clients’ analytics needs across alpha generation, model back testing, trading & data efficiency management, risk & compliance measurement, benchmarking & data sales. We serve capital markets clients from banks and brokers, to hedge funds and the buy-side firms, to exchanges and trading venues, as well as data redistributors and academic institutions. Delivered via 3 cost-effective and consumable mechanisms directly into your existing workflow.  


EOSE are providing on-hand help to provide additional resources to help BMLL take their data to a wider market.  

Client Quote

“Working with EOSE will complement our efforts to reach a much wider segment of the industry and ensure that our data and analytics tools are made available to market participants as we navigate these increasingly volatile times.” Paul Humphrey, CEO, BMLL