Looking for new pearls of strategic insight?

Here’s how to land the perfect catch

Today’s ever expanding data oceans are an exciting prospect – and in this highly competitive financial marketplace, sourcing unique data with new levels of strategic depth could determine whether your business will sink, or swim.

Explore far and wide and discover exciting new benefits

It’s certainly convenient to buy a bundled data set from a single established provider. But it could prove a false economy. The extra, bundled data that bulks up large, global packages is often of limited value. When it comes to finding data that will work hard for your business, and help build your competitive edge, it pays to explore far and wide in order to expand your network of data providers.

Expanding your base of data providers also allows you to remove dependence on a single vendor or communications network and enhance your negotiating power.

It’s also a must if you have diverse data requirements. You may have users who need data on desktops, servers, applications and systems and who need their data delivered in different ways. Others may require updates, or simply need to pick up the cheapest and most readily available averages, or see where the actual market is, or was, at any given time.

For a more defined and robust strategy, specialist is best

Our experience working with multiple exchanges, trading platforms and brokers across asset classes has shown us that when sourcing data, working with specialist experts is always the best solution – because you discover data that’s far more targeted for your specific needs.

These days it’s easier than ever, and more economical, to add data from specialist suppliers in the market who are experts in a specific asset class. In any given asset class there are experts offering tailored trading environments to their clients; often with the most centralised liquidity, due to their specialisation. The data coming from these platforms is, by its nature, exceptional in its depth and quality. As a larger number of niche providers make their data available via vendors and data marketplaces, it’s becoming increasingly possible to ‘cherry pick’ the best of breed in any given class.

Bespoke data sourcing – helping you navigate the market

As more data suppliers come to market, the possibilities can seem infinite – and navigating this expanding data market can be both time and budget-consuming.

EOSE offer a complete, bespoke data-sourcing service to match data solutions to client needs. We cast the net far and wide on your behalf, in order to diversify your supplier base with a new, hand-picked selection of niche data specialists, targeted to your precise needs.

With an eye on both your immediate needs and your future vision, we search out those exciting, hidden gems that perhaps weren’t even on your radar to begin with, but could propel your business performance far beyond expectations.


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