Bespoke data sourcing

Finding data is an increasingly time and budget-consuming task. If you are looking for financial data for yourself, your team or organisation, EOSE can help. We’re not data producers or data vendors. We’re experts who match data solutions to client needs. EOSE work together with data producers to ensure they supply the reliable, robust and tailored data solution you need, packaged and licensed, and with clearly defined terms for usage.

Understanding the internal data use cases and the data producers’ commercial and legal restrictions is an ongoing battle. On top of that, you are tasked with finding alternative data, integrating new sources and understanding the most efficient source of data. We are increasingly working with the data consumers to bring new data sources to the market with the correct processes in place, ready for them to use. Often, resource limitations within these teams mean that outsourcing, at least part of the problem, makes commercial and practical sense. We can find the data producer and ensure their data is robust, reliable and correctly packaged for you to consume. 

Ask EOSE to ensure that the data producer you need is ready and able to provide you with the reliable data source under correct commercial and contractual terms.

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