EOSE Data and New Change FX (NCFX) expands partnership to include Crypto data

New Change FX selects EOSE to strengthen Crypto data distribution capabilities, underpinning NCFX’s ambitious global expansion plan.

London and New York 5th October 2021 – NCFX have appointed EOSE to further strengthen distribution of their independent Crypto data offering, expanding their existing relationship. The EOSE sales team is highly experienced in all parts of the data ecosystem and is providing New Change FX with a team of expert data-sales and business-development professionals. This new relationship enables NCFX to concentrate its resources on developing core business strategies, safe in the knowledge that all new and existing customers and partners will be fully supported at all times.

According to EOSE founder and CEO, Suzanne Lock, “We are thrilled to be working with this exciting new data offering. As with many of our partners, New Change FX provides a unique and highly desirable data set, which we know will be of great interest to many market participants. This high-quality data feed is already being used for DeFi applications. NCFX is dedicated to creating an efficient and transparent market that is fair for everybody and we are delighted to be an integral part of their business-development journey.”

Andrew Woolmer, CEO of New Change FX, said, “EOSE’s deep understanding of the industry and proven business-development capabilities were key factors in our decision to engage with them. NCFX regulated benchmark data is highly relevant to investors and corporations the world over. We firmly believe this new relationship will help us to significantly accelerate our ambitious goal, which is to provide our data and analytics on a global basis, and we are looking forward to achieving great things together.”

About EOSE

EOSE provides an independent, flexible and modern approach to commoditising your data assets. Whether you are already a data provider and need an extra pair of hands, or are setting up your data business from the start, we can help. Using EOSE data product-development and sales experts will reduce your time to market and enhance your data products, while allowing you to focus on your core business. The EOSE team each have decades of experience in data product and business development, data sales and managing the data business within organisations. Working across exchanges, vendors, brokers and other financial institutions, we have developed relationships crucial to the development and sales of market data. For more information, visit www.eosedata.com

About New Change FX

New Change FX (NCFX) is an authorised benchmark calculation agent, regulated by the FCA. NCFX produce live FX benchmarks across Spot and Forward markets, as well as reference data feeds for Non-Deliverable Forwards, Crypto currencies and other less widely traded currency markets. NCFX data is of the very highest quality and provides users with a source of independent information for valuations, calculations related to portfolios, such as margin calls, and the calculation of FX costs. For more information, visit www.newchangefx.com


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