EOSE Data Store has arrived

Welcome to EOSE’s Data Store. Browse the EOSE Data Store to find your daily and historical price reference data for FX, Power and Gas, Equities, Fixed Income and Interest Rates direct from the trading floor.

EOSE work on behalf of boutique trading venues, brokers and exchanges to provide their data directly to market participants. End of day, tick data and historical data files are collated from experts in their field to offer pricing reference data for all clients across multiple asset classes and geographies. The EOSE Data Store, powered by Ticksmith, offers companies a quick and easy way to access daily financial data prices directly from the content owner. Choose from a number of suppliers under one hosted data store but provided, contracted and sold directly by the content owners.

EOSE data providers pride themselves on their customer relationships and have chosen to work with EOSE to provide their data directly to those clients.

In the EOSE Data Store you will find Interest Rate Derivatives, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Equity, Commodity and Crypto daily reference data files directly from the leading venues specialised in either illiquid, emerging data or focused on aggregating and providing exceptional value pricing from multiple exchanges.


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