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With a strong presence in the Middle East, GMG is an inter-dealer brokerage firm offering a wide spectrum of bespoke broker-dealer services. GMG operates throughout the GCC, MENA and Emerging Market regions, facilitating deals on behalf of its diverse client base, consisting of a vast majority of the world’s largest banks, investment banks, hedge funds and investment firms. 

Founded in Dubai in 2009, and soon after with the addition of our London entity, GMG continues to expand and attributes its success to its 30-strong team of professionals, based in the Middle East and London. Our founders, and the wider team, boast a depth of global experience across several financial markets — including equities, options, FX, futures, derivatives and bonds.

GMG has grown rapidly over the years to become one of the most respected and distinguished inter-dealer brokerage houses in the region. Today the company assists and represents over 200 financial institutions, primarily engaging in local currency transactions throughout the GCC, MENA, Turkey, AFRICA, Russia, CE-3 (Poland/Hungary/Czech Republic) and South African markets.

Interest Rate Derivatives

Interest Rate Derivatives
Interest Rate SwapsAEDAnn ACT/360 vs 3M AEIBOR6M-15Y
Interest Rate SwapsSARAnn ACT/360 vs 3M SAIBOR6M-15Y
Interest Rate SwapsQARAnn ACT/360 vs 3M QIBOR6M-15Y
Implied Interest Rate SwapAEDAnn ACT/360 vs 3M AEIBOR1Y-15Y
Implied Interest Rate SwapSARAnn ACT/360 vs 3M SAIBOR1Y-15Y
Swap SpreadAEDUSDAnn ACT/360 3M EIBOR vs 3M  LIBOR6M-15Y
Swap SpreadQARUSDAnn ACT/360 3M QIBOR vs 3M  LIBOR6M-15Y
Swap SpreadSARUSDAnn ACT/360 3M SAIBOR vs 3M  LIBOR6M-15Y
Basis SwapAED3M EIBOR vs 1M EIBOR3M-15Y
Basis SwapAED6M EIBOR vs 3M EIBOR3M-15Y
Basis SwapAED12M EIBOR vs 3M EIBOR3M-15Y
Basis SwapSAR12M SAIBOR vs 3M SAIBOR3M-15Y
Basis SwapRUBVarious 1-10Y1Y-10Y
Currency Basis SwapAEDUSD3M EIBOR vs 3M LIBOR1Y-15Y
Currency Basis SwapSARUSD3M SAIBOR vs 3M LIBOR1Y-15Y
Forward Rate AgreementAEDFRA
Forward Rate AgreementSARFRA

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