24 Exchange – Overview

Today’s electronic markets are siloed by asset class. As a market place’s volume increases, so does it’s pricing power. Customers become subject to ever-increasing fees. Service levels and R&D spending decreases. Complexity of connectivity and workflow increases. Customers’ profitability plateaus or decreases.

24 Exchange’s mission is to change this negative dynamic and increase profitability of our participants.

24 Exchange have an initial focus in FX derivatives. 24 Exchange addresses regulatory challenges to create a unique pool of liquidity. Clients can access this unique liquidity while remaining compliant with the regulations in their local regions.

Streaming liquidity on fixed and rolling date tenors, plus RFQ on broken dates.


EOSE are working with 24 Exchange to build and launch their data product.

Client Quote

Dmitri Galinov, CEO and founder of 24 Exchange, said, “We created 24 Exchange Data to give sophisticated customers access to our unique and growing repository of NDF data based on the narrow spreads 24 Exchange is uniquely able to deliver. EOSE is the ideal partner with expert market data practitioners who have a deep understanding of how to rapidly capture the tremendous opportunity we see. The EOSE team has the precise blend of skills and experience we need to accelerate 24 Exchange Data’s very ambitious go-to-market objectives.”

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