Equiduct – Overview

Equiduct is an innovative, client driven pan-European trading venue designed to enable retail brokers and institutional clients to achieve Best Execution in the most liquid and fragmented cash equities and ETFs. Focused on providing solutions for our members in the post MiFID environment, Equiduct has developed unique products designed to revolutionise retail trading which facilitate order execution against the pan-European consolidated order book. Its focus is to ensure market participants are able to access the best prices available in Europe by utilising a proprietary price discovery calculation. Equiduct provides true pan-European trading across 11 markets covering 16 European headline indices.

In 2019, Equiduct launched Apex a fully transparent, MiFID-compliant, regulated trading service which allows retail orders to execute against the pan-European order book and is supported by a pool of Liquidity Providers and active brokers.

For more information on Equiduct, please visit: www.equiduct.com


Equiduct have partnered with EOSE to provide an independent resource to further strengthen distribution of its market data products, aiming to enhance the market environment for existing and future clients, enabling Equiduct to concentrate on delivering ever-improving solutions to enhance client and investors trading experience.

Client Quote

We continually seek to enhance the market environment for all our clients. Our partnership with EOSE provides us with the resource to drive continued growth and innovation in our market data products, while also ensuring our teams can remain focused on delivering ever-improving solutions to enhance the trading experience for our clients and end investors in Europe.