IPOhub – Overview

IPOhub is a new pan-European investment platform, designed for individual investors, that is set to challenge the current processes of investing in share issues and IPOs. 

Collecting data on 3000+ companies from 100+ different sources – IPOhub contains all upcoming and current IPOs and Offers for every SME across European markets in one place – saving investors valuable time, whilst helping them make a better-informed investment decisions.


IPOhub have selected EOSE as demands for their unique SME data continues to increase. Through working with expert partners in their data outreach, IPOhub have chosen to focus their in-house expertise and resources on their core business needs, while ensuring their data customers and partners are expertly serviced. The EOSE team is experienced in all parts of the data ecosystem, offering IPOhub a team of expert data sales and business development professionals.

EOSE will take the IPOhub data to market with the most effective and efficient approach. With the need for key technical partners, TickSmith will facilitate the complex process of organisation and distribution of this sought-after and valuable data set to end users. 

Client Quote

Silver Laus, CEO of IPOhub said, “This partnership is a strong step towards popularising publicly-traded SMEs and it definitely marks a start of a new era. Only with the right expertise, where all parties are focusing on their strong suit, can we bring SMEs out of the shadows and offer them the spotlight they deserve. This unique partnership gives us an opportunity to keep on building the marketplace and fast track on the progress and experience.” 

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EOSE are an independent team of data experts, partnered with Exchanges, Trading Venues, Brokers and market participants who together offer global, hard-to-find, best-in-market, niche data, all based on observed liquidity, powered by their position in the marketplace. Discover more

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