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SocialMarks – Benchmarking the ‘S’ in ESG

SocialMarks is the only action-based metric for benchmarking the ‘S’ in ESG investments. Based on our 25 years of experience in the market, we look at how companies are making decisions and investments towards social impact. We then map that to their competition and drive action. 

SocialMarks has three components — People, Brand, Community — with clear definitions. This allows us to provide benchmarks against the most relevant competition and reveals opportunities to improve external ESG rankings. 

At a glance:

  • Over 25 years’ experience in social responsibility projects and business requirements 
  • 3 components – People, Brand, Community 
  • Regular updates for the most active ‘S’ data in the market supported by full historical data
  • Benchmark rankings on the top 550 global organisations with detailed comparisons against industry and competitor sets
  • Data grouped by market sector offering industry-specific intelligence 
  • Standardised data and analytics available via screen, download, API and partner distributors 
  • Developing historical and forecast data using a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, combined with over 25 dedicated research analysts 
  • UK, Europe and USA sourced data

Why would clients take the SocialMarks data?

  • SocialMarks are focused on the Social elements of company data, meaning they have a unique set of rankings based on the hard-to-find ‘S’ elements of ESG
  • SocialMarks have worked with companies for more than 25 years to put in place solutions within Social data at C-Suite level to drive company performance
  • SocialMarks have a unique knowledge base 
  • Data combined and normalised within market sectors so can you compare like for like 
  • SocialMarks produces quarterly updates but can also respond quickly to developments that impact a company’s social responsibilities, producing bespoke reports and analysis
  • Minimise your reliance on corporate reporting and voluntary disclosure 
  • By working directly with the market, SocialMarks are actively improving both the reporting of social factors and implementing policy. Take the data from the people involved in the process, rather than data gathered as part of an ESG data build 
Use cases
Investors and advisors:SocialMarks data is designed to help inform investment decisions.
Research and analysis:Curated, controlled and monitored data designed to give you access to standardised and comparable rankings.
Risk:Independent, verified data to help you assess the risks and opportunities in diversity and inclusion.
Investor relations:Compare your own business with your peers and industry benchmarks.
Sustainability and Diversity:Transparent data to mark your performance, monitor your development and report your growth.

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